NZBooklovers Review -

NZBooklovers Review - "New Zealand - A Painted Journey" by Graham Young

My last book was reviewed by the well-known and regarded NZBooklovers.

An excerpt from the review - 

"It is the details of ramshackle baches, tractors, old barns, vintage vehicles and caravans, and abandoned sheds that make these paintings poignant and nostalgic. For example, the painting near Wedderburn is made more interesting with the inclusion of the old tractor nestled in the corner. For other paintings, there is a sense of the place’s past glory, such as the painting of the Omakau Rail Shed. Many paintings have a sense of serenity, and I’m reminded a little of American artist Andrew Wyeth, not in terms of colour or style, but in the feeling of serenity that the paintings inspire."

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