Graham Young's Painted Journey - Radio NZ Interview (Listen Online)

Graham Young's Painted Journey - Radio NZ Interview (Listen Online)


This is an interview I did with RNZ early last year in the wake of my latest publication "Graham Young - A Painted Journey" by New Holland Publishers. Listen to the full interview above, it shares some interesting stories about my journey across New Zealand, the memorable towns and settlements I came across, and some of the stories behind the artwork. 

Excerpt from RNZ:

Images of Central Otago's high country, from remnants of its gold mining era to small settlements nestled into the distinctive landscape, are captured in paintings by Graham Young. The Auckland-based artist has a nostalgic edge to his work. Battered old VW vans, loved but rough cribs, and weather-beaten boatsheds hold as much appeal as our idyllic beaches and bush. Graham's latest book is called New Zealand A Painted Journey, a combination of paintings and written reflections on his travels around the country. Lynn Freeman asked Graham about his first impressions of New Zealand when he arrived here from England: New Zealand A Painted Journey by Graham Young is published by New Holland Publishers.

Original article can be found on the RNZ website.